Aston Martin will withhold DBX production just to keep it exclusive

Despite the fact it's getting into the SUV game so it can simply sell more vehicles, Aston Martin will reportedly limit production of the upcoming DBX in an effort to retain the brand's exclusive reputation. 
As the brand's first SUV, it's likely that the DBX will sell more than any other Aston — and that's kind of the problem. Andy Palmer, the British luxury automaker's CEO, told
Australian website Carsales
that DBX production will be capped for the first year
unlike other luxury brands, which continue to chase larger numbers. 
'I purposefully restrained production to 5,000 units — for exactly that reason,' Palmer told the publication, speaking to the brand's rep as a maker of premium automobiles. 'There's always a tendency when you've got an order book to turn everything up. And when you do that, you start making mistakes, in my experience.'
Despite the self-imposed limits, Aston Martin is still
aiming to double its output by 2025
. Palmer explains how the overall production numbers will be increased over time. 
'When the Lagonda comes in 2023
, we'll turn it up to 7,000 but we'll leave it at that, with around 4,000 DBXs rolling off the line and another 3,000 Lagondas,' he said.
The brand anticipates many of the initial DBX sales will go to Aston Martin owners who already own an SUV.
The DBX is already in the works at Aston's Wales plant and is slated for a public debut sometime later this year.

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