Brexit: Trump 'surprised how badly' Brexit has gone, says May ignored his advice

President Donald Trump says Britain's debate over leaving the European Union is 'tearing the country apart.'
The former billionaire businessman, who sees himself as a master deal-maker, said he gave advice to British Prime Minister Theresa May but that she didn't listen to him.
Mr Trump said he's 'surprised at how badly' the negotiations have been handled, and said both sides are very 'cemented in' and he called it a 'tough situation' and a 'shame.'
'It's a shame it has to be that way,' he told reporters in the Oval Office.
'I think we will stay right in our lane.
'Other countries are not doing well and we're doing record business.'
British lawmakers are set to decide today whether to seek a delay to Brexit, which is currently scheduled for March 29.
Mrs May grudgingly granted the vote after Parliament twice rejected her proposed EU divorce deal.
Mr Trump commented as he welcomed Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to the White House for an early St. Patrick's Day celebration.
Earlier, the president tweeted suggested he was excited by Brexit, saying he anticipated a 'large scale' trade agreement with the United Kingdom.
'My Administration looks forward to negotiating a large scale Trade Deal with the United Kingdom,' Mr Trump wrote on Twitter.
'The potential is unlimited!'
Mr Trump has long been a supporter of Brexit, with strong links to high-profile Brexiteers such as Nigel Farage.
The US President spruiked his anticipation of the UK leaving the EU when he visited last year.
He even gave Mrs May a controversial piece of advice for her Brexit talks: sue the European Union, don't negotiate.
A bemused Mrs May turned him down.
At the time it was the latest example of the awkward dance between the US and Britain, with the two leaders attempting to put on a public show of friendliness despite clear strains over trade, the EU and their approaches to diplomacy.

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