Channel 4's plans may leave fans unable to watch World Cup final

The Cricket World Cup final is expected to draw millions more viewers after being put on free-to-air television, but experts have warned there will be a lot of cricket fans 'not aware' of how they can watch it.
Channel 4 announced on Thursday that they will show the start of Sunday's final on the main channel - in a shared agreement with Sky Sports - but the coverage will then switch over to More4 at 1:15pm to make way for the British Grand Prix.
Yet experts told Sportsmail
that such coverage plans may not be well-known among the general public.
Channel 4 will carry Sky's coverage of the cricket final from 9am.
Cricket coverage moves to More 4 at 1.15pm while the British Grand Prix airs on Channel 4.
The cricket will return to Channel 4 after the race has finished.
They also predicted there will be a 'pretty big drop-off' in the audience for the cricket when it changes channel due to people not seeing it high up on their TV guides.
Estimates of how large the audience will be across Channel 4 and Sky Sports for England vs New Zealand are difficult to predict, due to cricket not having been shown on terrestrial television since the 2005 Ashes, when seven million people watched.
Julian Aquilina, a TV analyst at Enders Analysis, told Sportsmail: 'It would be incredibly good for Channel 4 if it gets something above 4 million, but it could be significantly higher if the match is really exciting.
'When the Ashes were on Channel 4 in 2005 it drew seven million viewers but there is a very different viewing landscape now and obviously the competition from Wimbledon and Formula One.
'One problem that the broadcasters could face is, just how aware are people that the cricket is taking place on free TV? Actually a lot of people won't be aware and the position on the TV guide is actually very important still.
'So when the cricket is on Channel 4 and is very high up there, people will see it. But when it moves to More 4, people may not really know where it is unless they've been watching from early in the morning. They might not go all the way down to More 4.
'Personally I would expect to see a really big audience for Channel 4 in the morning and then I would expect to see a pretty big drop-off in the afternoon unless the cricket is really really exciting and it looks like it is going to be really close and Wimbledon and the F1 aren't.' 

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