Chilling footage shows shooter opening fire inside Brazil school

Shocking new footage has revealed the moment a teenage gunman opened fire on students during a deadly massacre at a school in southern Brazil.
Five students and two staffers were killed in the horrific attack
carried out by former students Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17, and Henrique de Castro, 25, at Raul Brasil State School on Wednesday.
Surveillance footage showed Monteiro entering the Sao Paulo school and shooting several people in the head with a .38 caliber handgun as they tried to run away.
De Castro followed, first striking wounded people with an axe and then swinging it wildly while scores of students ran past him.
De Castro then armed his crossbow and walked further into the K-12 school.
The assailants were also carrying Molotov cocktails, knives and small axes, authorities said.
Nine people were injured in the attack, including seven who remain in hospital.
One of the wounded, Jose Vitor, ran to a nearby hospital with an axe still lodged in his right shoulder.
'He is an agile adolescent,' his mother, Sandra Regina Ramos, said. 'He reacted quickly.'
Minutes before the school rampage, Monteiro posted 26 photos on his Facebook page, including several with a gun and one that showed him giving the middle finger as he looked into the camera.
And earlier that day, the assailants shot and killed Monteiro's uncle, who owned a used-car dealership nearby.
Monteiro had worked at the dealership, but had been fired by his uncle for petty crimes.
Obsessed with Columbine massacre
Monteiro and de Castro were trying to emulate the 1999 Columbine attack in Colorado and had been planning the assault since November, Sao Paulo civil police director Ruy Ferraz said.
Friends and former classmates told investigators the duo was obsessed with the attack on Columbine High School but that they didn't believe the attack would actually happen.
The Columbine murders, also undertaken by two heavily armed young men, left 13 dead.
And as in Wednesday's rampage, the Columbine assailants took their own lives.
Monteiro and de Castro 'wanted to prove they could act like in Columbine High School with cruelty and with a tragic character so they could be more recognized than' even the Columbine killers, Mr Ferraz said.
He also said a third person, a 17-year-old former student at the school, had been involved in planning but was not present at the school when the attack happened.
He did not identify the accomplice but said police have asked a judge to issue a warrant for the teen's arrest.
Killer's mum speaks out
Monteiro's mother, Tatiana Taucci, said she found out about her son's attack from the news.
She told reporters she didn't know her son's motive, but said the teen had been bullied at the school.
'Bullying, they call it. ... He stopped going to school ... because of this,' she told the Band News TV network.
Mr Ferraz, the police director, said that while bullying had been mentioned in some testimony from acquaintances, they did not believe it to be meaningful to the investigation.
The assailants were trying to force their way inside a room at the back of the school where many students were hiding when police arrived.
Instead of facing the officers, Monteiro shot de Castro in the head and then shot himself, authorities said.
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