Energy Insiders Podcast: 50% renewables - Too much, too soon? Or too slow?

Energy expert Nicky Ison joins the Energy Insiders podcast to discuss a range of issues, including state and federal renewables energy targets, the NSW policy vacuum, the need for more transmission and delivering solar to those who need it.
Ison is a research associate at the Institute of Sustainable Futures in Sydney, and also a founder/director of the Community Power Agency, which has done so much to encourage community energy developments across the country, and to address some of the regulatory issues that make it hard.
Ison, who wrote about the Australian “solar-coaster' last week, argues that more effort needs to address the solar and battery needs of low income housing, and those in apartments and rentals. She looks to the future Senate balance and sees a critical role for Rex Patrick. But the biggest debate is over renewable energy targets - what should come first, infrastructure or ambition?
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