England's Tom Curry suffers gruesome head injury against France

A match which quickly became a nightmare for France
later turned into a scene from a horror movie as blood started pouring from a gash in England player Tom Curry's head.
During the second half, Curry ran with the ball, and with blood already covering his face, headed straight into a tackle with huge French centre Mathieu Bastareaud. 
After getting up from that collision, a medic came on to towel down his face, only for blood to continue gushing from the wound. 
He went off to the blood bin, replaced by Nathan Hughes, but wasn't deterred for long, quickly returning to action after being patched up.
Social media reacted quickly too, likening Curry to the Black Knight from Monty Python and his 'just a flesh wound.' Another user called him 'Tom Carrie,' referencing the gory scene from the film adaptation of the Stephen King book. 
England dominated the Six Nations match from start to finish, scoring try after try, as frustrations in the French camp grew. 
Those frustrations spilled over after Kyle Sinckler grabbed flanker Arthur Iturria's scrum cap and pulled it down over his eyes. Players from both sides then piled in to the melee.
The penalty went against Sinckler, but no one received any cards after the brief fracas when everyone managed to calm down.
The match ended 44-8 in favour of England, lifting them back to the top of the Six Nations standings. 

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