EXCLUSIVE: England ACE Archer opens up about life on and off the field

Jofra Archer has enjoyed a sensational World Cup with England as they look to win the 50-over showpiece on home soil.
The 24-year-old has taken 19 wickets so far in the tournament from his 10 matches - making him the most successful England bowler at a single World Cup in history.
But aside from cricket, what else makes the destructive seamer tick? Prior to the World Cup starting, Archer sat down exclusively with Sportsmail
to open up about himself.
Question: Describe yourself in three words.
Jofra Archer:
 Very, very competitive. My mum and I went 10-pin bowling recently and I guess it's from her where I get my competitive nature from as she was extremely competitive that day.
Q: Would you say your mum is your biggest influence?
 I could say so, the whole family is. I'd say my mum is 70 per cent of it but my grandad had a big part to play in my upbringing as well.
Q: Did you have to do any initiations upon joining the England's squad? Sing a song for example?
 There's no initiations [laughs] - it's fairly relaxed and we just play cricket.
Q: Describe your playing style to those who don't know you?
 I'd say I was very relaxed, not a lot bothers me on or off the cricket field. I think that's the best way to go about to your business.
Q: Are there any pre-match rituals you like to do?
 I don't really have any. Before I used to change my bat if I didn't get any runs with it, so I would just get a different one, but I grew out of that and now know it's me and not the wood!
Q: How do you express yourself when playing?
 I just try to do what's best for the team. If the team does well then everyone should do well as well. Once you give your best for the team everything will be alright.
Q: How do you try to unwind away from the sport?
 I play on my Xbox quite a bit, watch TV to chill out and go out with CJ [Chris Jordan]. There's a lot to do away from cricket and I try to get away as much as I can when I'm not playing. I play Fortnite with friends from England and home as well as Australia. A lot of the boys don't play Fortnite - that's more of a Sussex thing - on the England team they're mainly FIFA. I haven't played FIFA with any of the guys yet. I just came from India and was straight into camp so the enthusiasm wasn't there as of yet but I'll more than likely bring my console to the World Cup so I'll be raring to take some of the boys down.
Q: Who is your football team?
 Manchester United.
 And musically, what piques your interest?
 I like hip hop and rap but coming from Barbados, I guess dancehall is the default genre for me. Some of the boys like it too. I don't know who controls the music in the dressing room but it's almost what I would listen to on my phone or on YouTube so the music is no big change to me in the dressing room.
Q: Where is the family home? Does any of your family still reside there?
 All my family live in Barbados except my dad who lives in Liverpool but the remainder of them are in Barbados.
What memories of Barbados do you have as a youngster?
 A lot. I played cricket with my uncles, cousins and everyone in the neighbourhood! I can't remember when I wasn't playing cricket.
Q: Who was the first person you told when you got selected for the World Cup?
 I called my mum straight away as I had literally just left home for football so I think she thought I was calling in relation to something else. Then I told and I think she was more excited than I was!
Q: As a newcomer, how was it initially fitting into the side?
I'm always a bit shy but I wouldn't say I'm a bit quiet. I had CJ with me and he is one of my closest friends so as long as I had him I would be fine. I knew some of the other boys from playing at the county level. The others that I didn't know, I knew them from playing with or against them overseas at various franchise tournaments. I pretty much knew everyone and they've all welcomed me with open arms from the first day.
Q: How important has Chris Jordan been? Do you hang together outside of cricket?
 Yeah we do [hang]. He's pretty much the reason why I'm here in the first place. We live next door to each other in Hove, right next to the Sussex ground, and we always go around each other's houses. Our relationship goes far beyond cricket and on the cricket field.
Q: What do you think you bring to the England squad?
 I hope I can bring that extra bit of luck. England haven't done so well in the past World Cups so I hope I can bring them the trophy this year.
Q: What can you take from T20 into the 50-over format?
 The pressure situations in T20 is pretty intense from the first ball to the last ball. If I can bring that intensity and mindset behind that for 50 overs then you'll be in good stead to play to the best of your ability.
Q: Is there a ground you're looking forward to playing at?
 Yeah, I quite like The Oval actually. It goes back to playing for Sussex as we always wanted to beat Surrey at their home ground so I've always come to The Oval with that bit of extra pace.
Q: Do you sledge?
 If I get hit for six, I might have a word but I'd much rather stare than speak.
Q: It's a massive summer coming up, are you even thinking about the prospect of facing the Aussies again in the Ashes?
 I'm just focusing on the World Cup I think we owe it all of the UK to bring it home. It's been a long time and there's no better place to win it at home.
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