Families bid tearful farewell to Lion Air victims

Family members and friends have farewelled loved ones who died in the Lion Air plane crash in an emotional memorial service at the crash site in Indonesia.
Members of the military and rescue teams also attended the service.
Attendees gathered on the deck of a ship and prayed for the victims of crashed Lion Air flight JT-610 at the site of the disaster, off the coast of Tanjung Pakis in West Java.
Tears flowed as flowers were thrown into the water.
On Monday, Indonesian authorities said the aircraft was flying at high speed when it crashed into the sea on October 29, causing an immense impact.
All 189 on board were killed.
Rescue teams have managed to recover only small fragments of the aircraft, including seats, wheels and one of the turbines, while major parts of the cabin are still missing.
Lion Air's Boeing 737 Max 8 lost contact with the control tower 13 minutes after it took off from Jakarta airport for Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka.
The investigation is now focused on flight data from one of the black boxes, found last week.
The recorder shows the jet's last four flights all had an airspeed indicator problem.
A preliminary report on the accident is to be published in less than a month.
Meanwhile, around 137 body bags containing remains of the victims have been taken to the funeral home of the National Police hospital in Jakarta.
So far, only 14 of the victims have been identified.
With AAP.

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