Family vows to seek justice after unarmed Perth man shot dead by police

The family of a Perth man shot dead by police is furious the officer responsible won't face criminal charges.
Thirty-eight-year-old Lee Tong was unarmed when he was shot three times in November 23 last year during a visit by police to his Beechboro home. He died almost instantly.
Police Commissioner Chris Dawson today revealed that the officer who shot and killed Tong won't lose his job, either.
'I'm satisfied that the officer who fired the shots and the other officer attending did exactly what their training teaches them to do,' the Commissioner said.
Lee Tong's sister Oanh Tong says the family is exploring its legal options.
'I want to fight for my brother,' Ms Tong said.
'I have to get justice, even though I know how hard it is, but I will never stop.
'I don't know how to live without my brother… my life is empty.'
On the day of the fatal shooting Mr Tong's father and sister went to Midland police station pleading for help.
Phuc Tong told police his son had assaulted him during an argument over a DVD player and was in breach of a Family Violence Restraining Order.
He also said his wife was being held hostage by their son inside his bedroom and that he was armed with a knife.
Police say they were made aware that children were inside the property and that Lee Tong said he was willing to use the knife to injure his family members or police.
When police arrived at the Yenisey Crescent home, Lee Tong was inside his bedroom and refusing to come out. They attempted to kick down the bedroom door, but were unsuccessful.
The Police Commissioner said Lee Tong eventually opened the door and emerged unannounced.
'What I will say is that he emerged from that room quite quickly,' the Commissioner said.
'And the officers were faced with a very split second decision.'
The constable fired three shots at Tong. Two struck his abdomen, the other hit his arm.
Two investigations by the Homicide Squad and Police Internal Affairs Unit both found the officer's sergeant was the only witness to the shooting.
As first revealed by 9News, initial reports that Lee Tong was holding a knife at the time were incorrect.
The Police Commissioner today conceded Tong had a knife in his pocket and that there were several other knives inside his bedroom.
'I'm categorically stating the man was not armed with a knife,' he said.
9News understands police were under the impression he was armed because of information given to them by Tong's family.
Claims that Tong's mother was being held hostage inside the room at the time of the shooting were also found to be incorrect.
9News understands she was in the kitchen at the time.
The constable, who is aged in his 20's, has been involved in two previous incidents where he had to draw his gun. This however was the first time he'd pulled the trigger in the line of duty.
The constable was initially stood down, but returned to work today and will perform desk duties until he can be reassimilated back in to the force.
A file is currently being prepared to be sent to the State Coroner.
There will be a public inquest, the date of which is yet to be announced.

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