Google Lens Finally Arrives On iOS: Here's What You Can Do With It

At long last, iOS folks don't have to keep missing out on Google's dynamic visual search feature that Android users have been enjoying for so long. Google Lens
has finally arrived on iPhones, letting Apple users finally take advantage of its highly advanced search features.
To be clear, iOS already received an implementation of Google Lens way back in March, but it was hidden in Google Photos
and was limited to analyzing photos that have already been taken. Now, it's integrated into the Google app and features a live viewfinder, which lets users point their camera at a specific subject and get real-time information.
How To Use Google Lens On iOS
The feature can be accessed via the new Lens icon next to voice search inside the Google app for iOS. On initial launch, users will be asked to grant camera permissions and agree to other terms and services. The feature also triggers a tutorial noting the ability to "Scan Text" and "Shop Smarter."
What Can Google Lens Do?
The gamut of things Google Lens can do is vast. For one, it can analyze a photo featuring a wall of text and transcribe it, or translate it, even. Users can also snap a photo of their dog, a particular article of clothing or a type of flower and Google Lens will try to determine what it's looking at, exactly.
Google Lens can copy text, search for products similar to the object the user is trying to capture, identify various species of plants and animals, determine books and different media, and scan barcodes and QR codes. While not perfect, Google Lens is an immensely useful tool, and it's safe to assume it's bound to get better as Google continuously improves its visual search algorithm and machine learning technology moving forward. Hopefully, Google doesn't shut this one down, a fate many of its products such as messaging app Allo
have painfully gone through.
Google Lens is available now within the Google app for iOS, which is a free download
from the App Store. It's also available
on Android as well, and compatible phones can even get it as a standalone app.
Thoughts on Google Lens finally arriving on iOS via the official Google app? Do you find visual search useful in general? What's your favorite thing that Google Lens can do? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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