Here's how Tyson Fury can defuse the Bronze Bomber

This fight might be a little too early for Tyson Fury
but he can't turn back now.
He should have had a couple more fights and got used to the weight loss
but that's done and dusted now.
When you touch gloves, go back to the corner and step out into the ring, the key factor is what tactics you're going to use.
Deontay Wilder is going to look for that right hand but if Tyson Fury can bob and weave, jab, use his reflexes, tie him up, lean on him, make him tired, make him frustrated, I think he can do a number on him.
But he has to be on red alert at all times. He can't really blink or get cocky.
He has to be on point because if Wilder catches him he will come like a windmill and he won't let up.
Wilder has long reach, he believes in himself and you can't buy being a boxing champion from Tesco.
He has destructive power but most of his opponents, on paper, have been beaten before they step in the ring. Wilder is also a bit of a showman but Tyson is good at surviving, so I hope he just boxes clever and uses every inch of height, weight and boxing skill he's learned.
This is up there with the big heavyweight fights because of what Tyson has been through in the three years - wanting to commit suicide, being in a dark place. He got himself fit, mentally and physically, and you can take nothing away from him win or lose.
There are some geniuses - who can sing, paint, people with natural talent - and they have dark days, bad days, lethargic days, days where they can't see light at the end of the tunnel.
Everybody goes through some stage of mental health problems - it's about how you handle it and come out of it.
And sometimes being out of the ring for so long can be good for people, only time will tell if it's worked for Tyson.
He looks in very, very good shape, he looks a little bit drawn here and there - it's hard losing 6lbs let alone 10st, especially in boxing because being a heavyweight you have to have punch resistance, stamina and will power.
His trainer Ben Davison may not have that top-level experience but he has been with Tyson, slept in the same room with him, for a long time. Ben has a lot to learn but he's done a very, very good job, they work very well together.
Give Ben credit because Tyson was 28st, he was there with him in the dark days, the bad days.
I don't think Wilder has fought a guy like Fury before. And Tyson hasn't fought a guy like Wilder before - a big, lean, streak of bacon who can punch.
Wilder has to be very, very patient and if he gets wild, Tyson Fury will counter him.
It should be a good fight while it lasts, I don't think they'll be needing much refereeing!
With my final £1 I'd want to back Tyson Fury because it's good for British boxing if he wins - points, stoppage, whatever!
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