Image of the day: Australia's changing marginal loss factors

On RenewEconomy we have reported on the latest marginal loss factor calculations by the Australian Energy Market Operator, which have provided a mixed bag for Australia's power generators - but particularly newly constructed wind and solar farms.
Some, such as the Silverton wind farm near Broken Hill and the Broken Hill solar farm, have had massive downgrades to their MLFs, which calculates how much of their output is credited by the market operator. The Broken Hill solar farm, for instance, will get paid for just 75 per cent of its output.
Other wind and solar farms have experienced a slight increase in MLFs, and some have had a reprieve from an earlier draft calculation after a re-think about how quickly many new projects will join the grid.
The folk at power engineering and project management company Ekistica put together this fascinating gif, showing the history of MLFs in Australia over the last few years - the blue areas show where MLFs have a factor of more than 1.0, meaning they are close to load or have no grid constraints.
The pink and red show the areas which have low MLFs. How that has changed gives some insight into the evolution of the grid over the past decade.

Giles Parkinson
Giles Parkinson is founder and editor of Renew Economy
, and is also the founder of One Step Off The Grid
and founder/editor of The Driven
. Giles has been a journalist for 35 years and is a former business and deputy editor of the Australian Financial Review.

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