JENAS: FA must teach Leeds manager Bielsa a lesson over 'spygate' 

The FA need to be strong and hit Leeds with a heavy fine. They must lay down a marker to Marcelo Bielsa to make clear that this behaviour is not acceptable.
I'm massively shocked by it. He has shown no remorse whatsoever. He's admitted doing it his entire career. He's probably done it every weekend this season. 
It's cheating. All of a sudden you have information which you can use to your advantage.
I'm not naive enough to think other people have not done it over the years and tried to get information on starting line-ups, set-pieces or whatever, but to put someone up to the job and for them to get caught by the police, and then you stand there and say you don't really care. It's disgusting.
From listening to Mauricio Pochettino's comments, it's obviously something common in Argentina. I would rather it stay there. That's not how we do it in the English league.
It makes you question Bielsa's abilities a little bit too. He is obviously a good coach because of the way he gets his team to go out there and perform. 
Why not leave it at that? A slap on the wrists would surely not be enough to stop him doing it again. 
My initial reaction was to hit Leeds with a points deduction but, on reflection, I feel a heavy fine would be a better punishment.
The Leeds players have been brilliant all season, they are top of the Championship and challenging for promotion.  They should not be punished for the stupidity of their manager.

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