Klopp had a brilliant reaction to Robertson's Scotland captaincy...

Andy Robertson revealed Jurgen Klopp
's brilliant response to him texting the Liverpool boss about being made Scotland captain.
After being announced as the new skipper of the Tartan Army, the irrepressible defender was told by a member of club staff that he should let Klopp in on his good news. 
'Yeah, I texted him. I texted him saying, "just so you know, I'm getting the captaincy". Just out of respect as such because I didn't want him finding out off somebody else,' the 24-year-old told Open Goal
'I spoke to the press officer at Liverpool and he said, "you should probably tell the gaffer, he likes stuff like that". So I told Jurgen, "I'm the captain, thanks very much for everything you've done".
He just texted back in big capital letters: "YOU'RE THE REAL SCOTTISH BRAVEHEART NOW." And I gave a thumbs up and he gave a wee dance emoji.' 
And Robertson went on to describe that the 'Braveheart' moniker originally came about after he fought through injury for Liverpool in their Champions League quarter final victory over Manchester City last season.  
'There was one game last season, Manchester City in the Champions League, and I'd done my calf at the weekend and they weren't sure if I was going to play, then I managed to pull through, so he was like "ahh braveheart" and all this, "now you're the real braveheart". 
'He always says he can't understand me but other than that he loves it.'
Robertson's anecdote is entirely in keeping with Klopp's gregarious persona and strong bond with his players.
The defender capped a remarkable journey to the top with his move from Hull to Liverpool and has now established himself as a key man for both club and country.  

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