Lukaku, Young & Smalling reveal Man Utd team-mates' travel habits

Ahead of travelling out to Barcelona for Tuesday's Champions League
quarter-final second leg, Manchester United
trio Romelu Lukaku
, Chris Smalling, and Ashley Young have been revealing the travel habits of the squad.
The video, produced by Marriott Bonvoy, reveals how the United players handle their worldwide travels away from the game.
Below is a transcript from their answers.
Which player is most likely to visit a museum on a city break?
Chris Smalling:
I'm a bit more cultured than the norm. I might be up there but I would day Nemanja's [Matic]  probably top.
Romelu Lukaku:
Nah, Nemanja's lazy.
Ashley Young:
You know I'd say Juan or Ander.
Yeah, Juan is on the gram all the time. Taking pictures, saying I've been there, blogging and that!
Who is most likely to forget their passport or travel adaptor on an away day?
Shawrie [Luke Shaw].
I think Rashie [Marcus Rashford] has forgotten his passport once as well.
Who is the most travelled in the squad?
I've travelled a lot.
I think it's Rom, I think you've travelled the most.
I like the States all the time. If I have three days off yeah I go to New York.
Who is the best for film and boxset recommendations when travelling?
Everybody watches the same stuff. You have The Game of Thrones group. You have the guys that watch Power.
Everyone has always got some sort of box set.
What's the one thing you can't travel without?
My iPod because I'm old school and old.
What's your pre-game ritual breakfast?
For breakfast I'm porridge, standard on a game day. Keep it simple.
: Massive bowl! You're like 'Chris are you alright there?' 'Yeah yeah just eating my porridge'.
They should give you the whole pot!
Me, I'm an omelette, ham and cheese.
Same, egg whites, egg white omelette.
Who's always the last down to reception?
There are a few people on this list but I think there's only one main one, Paul [Pogba]. Always.
He is always last.
It doesn't matter whether it's breakfast or lunch...
Anto [Antonio Valencia] is not far behind, but Paul is... Anto often just gets there literally bang on.
He's on the time limit. I think he sits in his room and he's waiting and he's like, right, now I'll go down!

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