Man claimed he was abused by TV host and MPs accused of making up $2m case

A father who claimed he was abused by a celebrity child sex ring which included the late TV presenter Jimmy Saville, as well as top politicians and military bosses, made up the claims, a court has heard.
Carl Beech, 51, said he and other children were abused by a child sex ring for nearly a decade, reports the

But a court claims he was in fact himself a paedophile - and kept sickening images hidden behind a fake calculator app on his iPad, according to
The Independent

A $2m investigation was triggered over the allegations, with Mr Beech also claiming he witnessed the murders of three boys by the group of men.
Mr Beech is now on trial on Newcastle in north east England.
The jury was told Mr Beech picked his famous 'targets' after browsing the internet.
Prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC told the court: 'The allegations were of great media interest, not least because of the seriousness of them and the fact they were described by a Metropolitan Police officer as 'credible and true,' according to
The Guardian
'They are in fact incredible and untrue. They were and are entirely false.' 
Mr Beech claims he was taken out of school to be abused by 15 famous men, including on a yacht belonging to former British PM, Ted Heath.

He also claimed former heads of intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6 tortured him by tipping spiders on him and giving him electric shocks.
He even said ex-MP Harvey Procter tied a boy up, raped him and stabbed him to death.

He claimed former Home Secretary Leon Brittan and ex-armed forces boss Lord Bramall were also involved.
Other claims include that a school friend was deliberately run over – when the court heard there was no such murder or missing person, lawyers said.
Jurors were told he had a fear of water as he had been held underwater- but the prosecution unearthed images of him swimming throughout his life.
Evidence shown to the court includes bizarre child-like drawings supposedly by Mr Beech, who had to be extradited from Sweden.
The court has been told medical record don't match his claims.
Mr Beech, from Gloucester in the south of England, denies 12 charges of perverting justice and one of fraud by falsely claiming compensation.
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