Marcelo claims that Gareth Bale only speaks English at Real Madrid

Gareth Bale
moved from Tottenham to Real Madrid
in 2013, but apparently hasn't picked up much of the local language in the past six years.
According to Marca
, his Real Madrid team-mate Marcelo claims that Bale still only speaks English. 
This news comes alongside growing concerns over Bale's future at the club, with the Welshman saying he is happy there despite unrest from some fans. 
After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kiko Casilla, Marcelo says he is now lonely in the dressing room.
'Now I have no one by my side, I have Bale on the other side, but Bale does not speak, he only speaks English, we speak with gestures and say "hi, hello and good wine."'
Gareth Bale recently scored his 100th goal for Real Madrid, however his future is still uncertain as he has not yet filled Ronaldo's boots since the star left for Juventus.  
Recently, Sport
 claimed that Bale's 'introverted personality doesn't fit well with the rest of the group,' at the club. 
If Bale doesn't speak any Spanish, then it's easy to see why he would not mesh with some of his team-mates.  
Bale now has competition for his role from Brazilian wonderkid Vinicius Junior, and speculation over whether he will be forced to find a new club is growing once again, as it has done several times over his years in Madrid. 
Manchester United have consistently been linked with bringing Bale back to the Premier League of late.  
Bale has given Real Madrid fans unforgettable moments, including an amazing Champions League final goal and a memorable performance in the Copa del Rey final, however fans have grown frustrated with the number of injuries the 29-year-old seems to pick up.
They are also quick to jump on mistakes, criticising him for a recent missed chance against Barcelona in the first leg of the Copa del Rey last week.  

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