Marouane Fellaini grabs Guendouzi's hair... SIX THINGS YOU MISSED

There were goals galore in a rare midweek Premier League
matchday, as well as a few surprises.
Wolves got one over on Chelsea, Manchester United
and Arsenal played an intriguing 2-2 draw, and there were routine wins for the likes of Tottenham and Manchester City. 
Plenty more went on though, so here, Sportsmail
takes you through all the things you missed from the Premier League this week.
Fellaini tries to get some hair back  
It hasn't been that long since Marouane Fellaini cut most of his hair off, but he seems like he's missing it already. 
In Matteo Guendouzi, he found the player on the pitch who most closely matched his old style, and tried to grab some of it for himself.
As Guendouzi skipped past him, the Belgian got a fistful of his hair to stop him getting away. The Arsenal man was baffled that Fellaini escaped a yellow card for his actions. 
Lacazette sticks his head in 
With the match between Manchester United and Arsenal finely balanced at 2-2 with just a few minutes left, Arsenal's Alexandre Lacazette resorted to a few unusual tactics to get the upper hand.
As United keeper David De Gea held the ball and was directing his players up the pitch, Lacazette attempted to head the ball out of the Spaniard's hand.
De Gea was confused more than anything else as the ball came out, and the match ended a few minutes later 2-2. 
Mourinho apologises to a child 
We got to see a rare smile from Jose Mourinho during Manchester United's draw with Arsenal, at a time when United fans are struggling to find humour.
It was aimed at a child in the stands, who he had just kicked a ball at, one would have to assume accidentally.
He quickly apologised and even leaned over to shake the kid's hand. 
Goals galore 
Most of the games weren't particularly high scoring, but everyone was at least getting in on the action.
According to OptaJoe
, this was the first Premier League matchday since November 27-28 2010 in which all 20 Premier League teams scored.
Not everyone will be happy with the results, but at least they can say their team got a goal this week. 
Leaky Fulham 
Speaking of goals and statistics, there's a slightly less encouraging one for Fulham fans this week.
Fulham have conceded 36 goals in their first 15 Premier League games of the season.
According to OptaJoe
, only one team in history have ever conceded more at this stage of the competition. That was Barnsley in 1997-98, when they let in a massive 40 goals during the same period.
Lacazette's mystery injury
It's actually surprising Lacazette wanted to try and head the ball straight out of David De Gea's hands.
After his earlier goal, you might have been wondering why he was down injured for so long.
It was because in all the chaos surrounding the goal, Eric Bailly tripped over and landed straight on the Frenchman's head.

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