Meet the world leader selling his 'Air Force One' plane to help the poor

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been filmed flying commercial class for a second time after announcing he would sell the presidential plane to help poorer communities.
Mr Obrador made the promise to sell the presidential plane - a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner - and use the money to help struggling communities, during his election campaign.
On Tuesday, the presidential plane arrived at the Southern California Logistics Airport where it will be evaluated before sale.
The spacious plane was bought by the Mexican government for nearly $AUD300 million and features slick black leather seats, a luxurious bathroom and bedroom for the president.
Pese al retraso de 4 horas para despegar de Huatulco, @lopezobrador_
aseveró que no se subirá al avión presidencial
— Noemí Gutiérrez (@noemiza) September 20, 2018
Mr Obrador said he would be "embarrassed" to use the aircraft after taking office and was recently filmed taking a commercial flight in September.
"I will not get on the presidential plane. I would be embarrassed. My face would be filled with shame if I board such a luxurious plane in a country with so much poverty," he posted on Twitter in September.
On Monday - three days after taking office - Mr Obrador was filmed again flying out from the Gulf state of Veracruz in a window seat on a commercial flight.
Vuela #AMLO
rumbo a #Veracruz
para continuar su agenda presidencial
— ObturadorMX (@ObturadorMX_) December 2, 2018
A video posted from a passenger shows Mr Obrador in "coach class" next to the window.
El #AviónPresidencial
se vende y mañana despegará. Te enseñamos fotos. ?? #Austeridad
— SHCP México (@SHCP_mx) December 2, 2018

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