'No Parking' sign installed overnight sees woman's car towed

A woman in Queens, New York found her car was towed out of the spot she'd been parking it in for nearly 10 years after a ‘No Standing Anytime' sign was installed overnight.
According to CBS New York,
it was
legal for Nicole Laveglia to park her vehicle on the street when she got home at 8:30 pm this past week.
But when she woke up, her car was gone, and a brand-new sign declaring “No Standing Anytime” was installed on the block instead.
Laveglia said her car was towed just one hour after the sign was put up, and she now faces a US$185 towing fee; and a US$115 ticket. Security footage shows city workers installing the signs, and towing her car.
A few days later, workers returned to the street and removed
the signs. The city responded saying the signs were a mistake, and gave no explanation.
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'It's a headache, it's a hassle,' she said. 'I just feel like I was robbed,' she said.
Now Laveglia has to go through the awful task of fighting the ticket in court. The city says they are “working with Leveglia to address her concerns.”
She's also working with a local council member to receive a reimbursement for the towing fees.

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