North Korea launches new missile in provocative move

North Korea
says it has launched a new tactical guided missile in a provocative test
conducted overnight.
The test is the first since the failed summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
and US President Donald Trump
in February.
The details of the weapon being tested have not been released, but the use of the word tactical insinuates a short-range missile.
'The completion of the development of the weapon system serves as an event of very weighty significance,' Kim was quoted as saying.
In a news report from state media agency KCNA, it is revealed the tactical guided weapon could manage the load of a 'powerful warhead'.
The test was conducted by North Korea's Academy of Defence Science.
Mr Trump had set out to achieve 'denuclearisation' in North Korea
at his summit in Vietnam in February.
But the summit was cut short when Kim walked away without any agreement.
Satellite images released last week showed the previously defunct main nuclear site in North Korea is now active.
The White House, Pentagon and State Department are yet to comment on the test.
More to come.

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