St Mirren fans 'spat and threw coins at unconscious Dundee United fan'

St Mirren have slammed their own fans by accusing them of spitting and throwing coins at an unconscious Dundee United supporter.
The Buddies were knocked out of the Scottish Cup in a fiercely contested clash against United at the weekend.
But the game was marred by the home fans' treatment of a travelling supporter who suffered a head injury during a crowd surge following United's first goal.
St Mirren said in a statement: 'We are fortunate to have a very loyal support who travel up and down the country following the team through thick and thin and, as we have previously stated, this is never taken for granted and is much appreciated by everyone connected with St Mirren.
'This season the police have been in dialogue with us over some incidents and behaviour that has taken place predominantly at away games.
'This relates to a very small number of fans, however, it goes without saying that this negatively affects the reputation of the support as a whole.
'Amongst other things this has involved the setting off of flares, fireworks and smoke bombs, organising fights with opposition supporters and vandalism of public property. These are very serious allegations and seriously tarnish our club's reputation.
'While the aforementioned are primarily a police issue we are now also seeing instances of this unacceptable behaviour appearing at our home fixtures.
'On Saturday a Dundee Utd supporter suffered a serious head injury after the away crowd surged forward after United's first goal.
'This is something we have warned our own support against on numerous occasions so hopefully this will make people realise how dangerous this can be.
'Given the seriousness of the injury the decision was taken to remove the fan by the quickest means possible which was through the vomitory at W7.
'While the unconscious supporter was being removed there were numerous people standing above the vomitory who decided to spit and throw coins at him.
'This is completely and utterly unacceptable. We cannot allow the actions of a very small number of fans to ruin the reputation of St Mirren Football Club.
'Some of the people responsible were identified but unfortunately the quality of the CCTV footage of the incident is such that at this time we are unable to pursue this to the degree of certainty that would allow prosecution.
'If we are able to clearly identify the culprits, regardless of what happens in a legal sense, they will be given a lifetime ban from our stadium.
'We would ask anyone with any information or footage of the incident to contact the club on
'Any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.
'Everyone connected with the club fully acknowledges the fantastic contribution the W7 group have made to improving the atmosphere at the stadium.
'Whilst we want to nurture and support the fans in that area of the stadium we are also duty bound to apply the same rules that cover all other areas of all other stands.
'For the avoidance of any doubt antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated in ANY area of our stadium.
'There has been much comment on social media over the weekend regarding all of the above but that is not the place we should be having these conversations especially when people are not aware of all the facts and individuals can twist the truth without the risk of being held accountable for their words.
'As a result of this ongoing situation we have asked local MSP George Adam to arrange a meeting with the police, the club and relevant fan groups to try and find a sensible way forward to get us all pulling in the same direction once more.'

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