The next-gen VW GTI could have more than 300 horsepower

The next-generation Volkswagen
GTI could see a huge power boost that would put it above the current Golf R, says Germany's Autobild
The current MKVII Golf in GTI trim makes 228 horsepower, which is 60 down from the 288-horsepower Golf R, but with the next-generation of Golf rumoured to have a base horsepower of 245, it's likely the GTI will see a massive boost, possibly up to 300 horsepower.
It's important to note Autobild
does not have a source for this information, so the whole thing could be hearsay.
A roaring 300 horses would put the Golf GTI in contention with the current Honda Civic Type R, which makes 305 horsepower; and a few other budget-minded hot hatches like the Hyundai Veloster
and the Subaru WRX
, which make 275 and 268 horsepower, respectively.
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It's possible the introduction of a 300-horsepower GTI could dethrone the Golf R, and put the GTI trim back on top. But it's also likely a new Golf R will take the throne back in due time.
Volkswagen recently revealed the new MKVIII Golf will not be more expensive than the MKVII, so it's safe to assume the GTI version will come in at about the same price point as well. The next-generation Golf is expected to drop in early 2020.

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