Thomas Delaney warns England fans not to over-hype Jadon Sancho

Borussia Dortmund
midfielder Thomas Delaney has warned the country not to expect too much from Jadon Sancho ahead of his meeting with Tottenham.
Eighteen-year-old Sancho is set for a highly-anticipated first senior club appearance in England on Wednesday night when the Bundesliga
leaders play Spurs in the last-16 of the Champions League
Sancho is viewed as one of the most talented young players in Europe after a season that has seen him score seven times in 21 games from the wing.
And the hype has reached fever pitch ahead of his return to his hometown – which he managed to travel to despite initially forgetting his passport.
But while team-mate Delaney heavily praised the winger, he added some caveats: 'Jaden is a big, big talent.
'With talent comes opportunities and he has them for sure.
'He's still 18 years old. He's done amazing at the moment but for him he's not where he's supposed to be.
'He's a rough diamond... he'll get there. I feel a little bit responsible for keeping him on the ground.
'You're world famous for hyping your young players and we're trying to keep him on the ground.
'No doubt he has a big, big future but it takes hard work and taking everything seriously.'
And asked whether Sancho, who was capped twice by Gareth Southgate in November, had warned his team-mates what to expect from his international colleagues, Delaney added: 'He hasn't told us much.
'I personally don't think my team-mates have to prepare. We all know these guys.
'There's nothing to prepare for in that regard. They're all well known players at a high level.'
Spurs are missing Harry Kane and Dele Alli, but Lucien Favre refused to see that as a positive.
'As I said before,' he said, 'I can't talk about missing players. There are a lot missing but it will be a very full squad (for Spurs).
'They're a couple of points behind Liverpool in the Premier League and it says a lot.'

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