Torment of Babes in the Wood victim's father as killer accuses him

The father of one of the Babes in the Wood murder victims was accused of involvement in the killings in what the prosecutor called a 'smokescreen'.
Barrie Fellows, who played cricket with Russell Bishop, attended the trial of his daughter's killer, only to be cross-examined himself.
Mr Fellows denied any involvement and had to leave the court after weeping in the witness box as he was accused of killing the girls.
Bishop's barrister Joel Bennathan QC had told jurors 'that the police and prosecution have spent 32 years building a case against the wrong man'.  
Bishop's former girlfriend Marion Stevenson told jurors how she visited the Fellows' home with Bishop before the killings to see another man, their friend Dougie Judd who lodged there.
When she crossed the living room on her way to the kitchen for a glass of water, she claimed to have seen Mr Fellows watching a video of his own daughter having sex with Mr Judd. Mr Fellows denied this ever happened when he gave evidence. 
Prosecutor Brian Altman QC slammed the defence case, saying: 'What you have seen unfolding before your eyes is the creation by the defendant of a smokescreen in the hope, quite literally, that he gets away with murder for the second time.'
He said the 'common theme throughout was an effort to smear Barrie Fellows', perhaps to bolster his ultimately unsuccessful claim for compensation years later.
Mr Altman accused the defence team of 'scraping the Barrie barrel' and dragging Mr fellows' name through the mud in a 'desperate' attempt at sidestepping the mountain of scientific evidence against him.
Mr Fellows was questioned by police following his daughter's death. 
He told officers that instead of joining his wife, Susan, and Michelle Hadaway in the search for their daughters he had eaten his dinner at home. Officers found this explanation unconvincing. 
After he was taken in for questioning, police did nothing to assuage residents suspicions and a hate campaign erupted on the Moulsecoomb estate. 
Graffiti was daubed on a nearby house which said: 'Fellows out.' 
At the first trial Ivan Lawrence QC - who was also a Conservative MP - sought to place doubt in the mind of the jury over Mr Fellows' innocence. 
Mr Lawrence said Mr Fellows' alibi that he was at home having his dinner while his wife searched for their daughter was weak. 
Mr Fellows responded by storming out of the public gallery saying: 'I've had enough of that.' 
Mr Lawrence told the judge: 'I don't suggest for a moment that Barrie Fellows was the murderer and I'm sorry he left before he heard me say this. He can't be the murderer because of the times.' 
But Mr Lawrence went on to say there was enough suspicious evidence surrounding Mr Fellows as there was concerning Bishop. 
In 2009 - now divorced from wife Susan and remarried - he was arrested at his home in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire over an alleged plot to rape Nicola before her death. 
Weeks later it was discovered the allegation had been made 20 years earlier by Bishop's former girlfriend, Marion Stevenson, and found to be completely baseless. 
The 2009 claim was just a repetition of the earlier allegation and was again investigated and the case dropped but Fellows saw it as clear illustration of the police's lack of joined up thinking on the case and an example of his continued harassment by the police.

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