Unique F1 driver helmet designs unveiled ahead of 2019 season

Ranging from the funky to the patriotic, from the classic to the downright weird, the designs for the Formula One helmets have become a regular talking point ever since the drivers were allowed to add their own personal touch.
Ahead of the 2019 season starting in Melbourne
this weekend, the designs for each of the racers have been unveiled - and they have not disappointed.
Sportsmail is here to walk you through the designs for each driver and the significance they hold - but which is your personal favourite? 
Lewis Hamilton's personal motto is 'Still I Rise', drawn from both the rap lyrics of Tupac Shakur and a poem by Maya Angelou. He has it tattooed on his back, and it regularly features on his helmet. 
This year is no different for the reigning world champion, with the message inscribed on the back of his red and white helmet, as well as a picture of Jesus. 
His team mate Valtteri Bottas has gone for a more clinical, low-key look - suiting his secondary role in the team - with emphasis on blue and white, the colours of the Finnish flag. 
Both Ferrari drivers have helmets designed along a theme - their national colours, and acknowledging the team's 90th anniversary. 
Sebastian Vettel will drive in a primarily white helmet, with red, black and yellow stripes along the top, the colours of the German flag. 
Newcomer Charles Leclerc meanwhile has a primarily red and white helmet, the colours of Monaco. Both have '90 years' inscribed on their designs. 
Red Bull
Both Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly have gone for more traditional designs, with their personal touches only visible on close examination.
On the top of Verstappen's helmet is his personal lion logo, with the initials 'MV' worked into the face of the animal. The rest of the helmet is primarily white with a few colourful touches. 
Gasly's subtle design is in the team colours of red and navy. On the back is a French flag, his 'PG' insignia, and a motto: 'Work hard, dream big'. 
This year's most outre design comes courtesy of Renault's newly signed Daniel Ricciardo, whose helmet features eye-catching pink, green and blue panels. 
On the side is a message: 'Stop being them', which could be a veiled reference to his acrimonious departure from Red Bull. The Australian has his nickname - 'Honey Badger' - written on the back. 
Not to be overshadowed, his team mate Nico Hulkenberg also has a striking design, with yellow and black spiraling streaks and his nickname, 'Hulk', written on the side.
British teenager Lando Norris will be looking to make a splash in his rookie F1 season, and has managed it with his unique blue and light green design. 
Norris' personal insignia is on the side - the L and the N apart enough to create a number four in between; the number Norris has chosen to race under this season. 
His team mate, Spain's Carlos Sainz, has red and yellow stripes on a dark blue back ground; the stripes reminiscent, like many of his colleagues, of his nation's flag. 
The other new British racer, George Russell, ensures we remember his name and number - 63 - by having both plastered on the side of his red, white and blue design.
The colours are traditionally British, and the team colours of Williams, although Russell does have a Mercedes logo on the front - he was test driver for the F1 champions last season. 
Russell's team mate, Robert Kubica, returns to F1 after a nine-year injury absence with a bright orange helmet, with two Polish flags on the side. 
Alfa Romeo
Cool customer Kimi Raikkonen features his nickname, 'Iceman', on the back of a funkily designed helmet in orange, white and black. 
The veteran and former F1 champion, driving for Alfa Romeo this year, also has the names of his children, Rianna and Robin, written on his helmet. 
His team mate, Antonio Giovinazzi, proudly shows off his Italian nationality with helmet in the red, white and green of the flag, along with a cartoon hornet mascot on the back. 
Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are a good team - this is their third straight season together at Haas - but their helmet designs are complete opposites.
Grosjean - surprisingly as the more fiery personality of the two - has a mix of warm orange and colder dark blue on his helmet, with his name and No 8 emblazoned on the back. 
Magnussen meanwhile has a more striking, in-your-face design, in red and black with a large letter K emblazoned on the side. 
Racing Point
Both Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll seem to have got a team memo - 'make 'em pink' - and have stuck to the advice with gusto. 
Perez has a helmet primarily in the team colours of pink and blue, although the Mexican does ensure his national flag is on top. 
New team member Stroll looks to have tried hard to ingratiate himself after joining from Williams - he even has the Pink Panther cartoon character on the back, a reference to the team's nickname.
Toro Rosso
Both Toro Rosso drivers have kept their helmet designs low key and enjoyably retro ahead of the opening 2019 race in Melbourne. 
Daniil Kvyat sticks to the team colours of red and metallic blue, with quite a short front, reminiscent of a motorcycle helmet.
Rookie Alexander Albon meanwhile also plumps for metallic blue, with orange and yellow flashes - although there is no sign of the Thai flag, despite being the country's first F1 driver in 60 years. 

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