Watford footballer was involved in shocking brawl at Royal Ascot

One of the thugs involved in a 10-man brawl at Royal Ascot has been identified as a professional Watford footballer.  
As the Queen cheered on horses at the event on Friday, suited-and-booted racegoers were seen hitting, kicking and stomping on each other. 
Reece Miller, 18, has been named as one of the revellers involved - and can seen wearing a pinstripe suit and flatcap in the shocking clip, reports the Sun
The brazen teenager even posed for a photo while holding up a story about the fight.   
A Watford Football Club spokesperson told the Sun he had been suspended after it was shown footage of the brawl.
They added: 'We are treating this matter with the utmost seriousness. The club will not tolerate any behaviour which tarnishes its image and a full disciplinary investigation is now in process.
'As soon as the footage was brought to the club's attention, an immediate decision was taken to suspend the player.
'He will now face an inquiry with all disciplinary options available to the club. There will be no further comment until the investigation is completed.'
Screams rang out from elegantly dressed women who were sent sprawling on to the grass amid the violence which reportedly broke out in the Windsor Enclosure - the economy zone of the Berkshire event.
One witness, who told MailOnline that the fighting had 'ruined' his day, claimed that two more brawls happened a couple of hours later after security allegedly failed to remove the thugs. 
Dramatic footage from Friday, which has now emerged, shows a group of about 10 men raining down blows on each other in a spectator area on the edge of the racecourse.
The fight initially appears to involve several of the young men but quickly plunges into a full scale bust-up between their friends who are encircling them.
A man is heard bellowing 'come on give it to him! give it to him!' as two men trade blows before being engulfed in the mass scuffle of the other racegoers. 
The fighters then barge into a crowd of seated women who are flung from their chairs and sent crashing on to the ground. 
A woman in a blue dress tumbles backwards off her chair and takes a hard landing on the grass. 
One of the louts - dressed in a three-piece pinstriped suit, flat cap and sunglasses, is particularly aggressive and lashes out furiously at another racegoer who is sent sprawling on to the grass off camera. 
He then begins to stir slightly before being helped to his feet by what appears to be some other racegoers and a security guard.
In the chaos, some women are also sent crashing to the floor as they are careered into by the scrapping men.  
A witness claimed the punch-up started when two drunk lads bumped into each other and proceeded to shove each other.
The witness said: 'Two guys started pushing and shoving each other. Then a fight broke out, throwing punches and knocking girls over.
'I was shocked by it. I couldn't believe my eyes. You don't expect to see that at Ascot.'
Frank, a 53-year-old pub owner who witnessed the carnage, said the security refused to remove the culprits even though he showed them video evidence of the fight.
He said that the failure to chuck out the brawlers 'ruined' his day and vowed never to go back to the Windsor Enclosure.
He told MailOnline: 'My wife absolutely adores the Queen and was so excited as it was her first time seeing her.
'When the men weren't removed, people were very upset.'
He added: 'People were packing up, my daughter wanted to go home. I understand people getting drunk, but then dealt they're with. But this didn't happen.
'It absolutely ruined the day. There were four women sat next to us and they were very upset.
'I will never go into the Windsor Enclosure again. My wife says she is going to complain to Ascot.'
He also alleged that two more brawls broke out between the same men a couple of hours later, which resulted in a few of them being removed.
A spokesman for the Royal Ascot told MailOnline: 'The incident was unfortunate and unrepresentative of the overall mood at the racecourse. 
'With over 75,000 people in attendance, sadly it is difficult to eradicate all antisocial behaviour. 
'Our security staff can and do remove people, and we operate a system whereby staff who identify antisocial behaviour give one warning.'
MailOnline has contacted Thames Valley Police for comment. 
Some 300,000 people flocked to the racecourse over the five-day meet which saw  Frankie Dettori and Stradivarius win their second Gold Cup in a row. 

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