Waves appearing to form the shape of a man sitting on a cliff edge

A mesmerising image of a man looking out to sea has been formed by ebbing waves in Northumberland. 
The drone images show a man sat on the edge of a cliff looking out to sea - as if he is contemplating ahead of Remembrance Day. 
Jeff Raine, 48, captured the unique creation at Snab Point in Cresswell while filming nearby cliffs. 
He has named the incredible formation 'Man on the Edge' and believes it's the perfect timing as people begin to reflect on those who have fought for our freedom. 
Jeff, from Ashington, said: 'I couldn't believe it when I saw the shape of the man.
'I looked back at the image and realised it looked like a man sitting on the edge of a cliff. You could see his eyes, mouth and other tiny details.
'It looks as though it's someone sitting thinking on the edge of a cliff. 
'It's very fitting as it's Remembrance Sunday this weekend. It's like he's reflecting on life or something important - this just shows how beautiful nature can be.
'I love getting out and about near the coast and it's a place many people go to get away from their stresses and reflect on the important things in life.'
Jeff regularly uses his drone around the North East to capture some of nature's wonders but he admits he could never have imagined catching something as unusual as what he did last month.
He has now released the picture ahead of Armistice Day centenary to symbolise the country's remembrance of our war heroes.
Jeff said: 'I've been doing drone photography coming up to two years and I love to get out to the coast regularly.
'I started seeing videos online and just thought I'd give it a go and loved it.
'I've had a lot of reaction to the picture - it's quite amazing. It looks as though he's got his arm around a dog or something like that.'  

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