Widow of Sydney gangster slain in Athens 'struggling with his death'

The widow of murdered Sydney underworld figure John Macris has broken down on Greek television while talking about life after her husband's alleged gangland execution. 
Viktoria Karida cried throughout the show and said she has not yet come to terms with her husband's untimely death and still can't understand why he was killed.
The Sydney businessman, 46, who had links to organised crime, was shot dead outside his home in the Athens seaside suburb of Glyfada on October 31 last year.

CCTV first showed a man in a baseball cap firing a 9mm handgun through the side window of Macris' car before unloading more shots as the 46-year-old attempted to flee the fire.

Macris died at the scene.
'I didn't know of any enemies. He would always go from our home and his family to his job and then back,' his widow told the TV program 
With You.
'I never saw a problem. There were small things, which happen to everyone, like replying to someone that honks and swears at you. But that happens to everyone.'
The Ukrainian-born former-Playboy model and Greek television host said she still hasn't been able to move past the murder.
'I sit like a vegetable in the house. I'm completely lost,' she said.
'I still haven't been able to get rid of any of his clothes, I actually wear them so that I can smell him on me.'

Ms Karida said the couple's five-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter were also struggling with the death.
'I try to do everything in order not to break down and I know Giannis would want me to be strong for the kids,' she said.
'They are both so sad and I don't know if they really understand that their Babaka (Dad) will never come back.'

Ms Karida said she is deeply conflicted over whether she should move to Australia so her children can be closer to their in-laws.
'There are times where I think I need to leave this house as there are so many bad flashbacks of that night Giannis was murdered but at the same time, this is our family home. I want to stay here because all of our memories are here.'
A 31-year-old, Turkish-born Bulgarian man has been arrested in relation to Macris' murder. The case remains before the courts.
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