YouTuber fits vintage Dodge pickup with 212-cc lawn mower engine

Carson Duba, a.k.a. EverythingWithWheels on YouTube, has a thing for Predator engines.
It says so right on his YouTube About page: “Let's fix something or put a Predator in it!”
Words to live by, truly.
For Duba, the most recent manifestation of this mantra is a vintage Dodge Ram that runs on a US$120
212-cc Predator motor
, a power plant designed for vacuums, mowers and pressure washers.
Designed for
, perhaps, but not relegated to
, because the motor moves this little truck just fine, forward and backward, at speeds up to 32 km/h.
When Duba's friend who'd had it kicking around the yard gave it to him, the early '80s Dodge Ram 50 had a four-cylinder engine. That was scooped out clean to make room for Duba's more-modest solution.
The 6.5-horsepower motor sits on a custom-made platform with its throttle connected to the vehicle's pedal. It took some negotiation to get the clutch, 60-tooth sprocket and chain to ship power to the five-speed manual transmission and lug the heavy truck around. But, well, take a look at the results!
Possibly the best feature? The fact that it looks and drives like a truck, but still starts like a lawnmower, with a pull cord that's fed through the body and pulled from under the front driver's side wheel.

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